Don’t Suffer in Silence: How to Leave Your Hairdresser

This week’s post is a guest post. I hesitated letting my husband write about this topic because…well…my own clients read this blog. Why tell them how to leave me? Then, I realized I only want my clients to be happy and I work hard to make them happy. So, here it is: how to leave your hairdresser.


–by Robert Austin

When my husband, Kevin Borfitz, and I were first dating, I was incredibly embarrassed when he gave his business card to random women he’d just met. We hadn’t been dating long, so I hadn’t yet grasped the full extent of his amazing ability to talk to strangers. I also hadn’t yet realized just how much he loves being a stylist and being creative. To me, handing the card over said, “Your hair is awful and you should come see me right away.” I often wondered if these women felt as horrified as I did by the bold gesture. Continue reading

A Matter of Inches

“Just take two inches off”

Here’s where people begin to hate their haircut. Let’s talk about this.

V2HairDresserOneInchFirst, I’m a man — a gay man, but a man. We all know men and women don’t see inches the same way.

Second, an inch off your hair as it hangs in front looks very different than an inch taken when it’s pulled back. Continue reading