A Matter of Inches

“Just take two inches off”

Here’s where people begin to hate their haircut. Let’s talk about this.

V2HairDresserOneInchFirst, I’m a man — a gay man, but a man. We all know men and women don’t see inches the same way.

Second, an inch off your hair as it hangs in front looks very different than an inch taken when it’s pulled back. Most people’s heads are round and choosing where to measure from is controversial. I’ve seen tears and agony over a half inch of hair because of the obsession over the numbers. This tragic scene doesn’t have to happen. Forget inches as a measurement altogether.

Let’s talk about how you’d like your hair to fall instead. Trust me, no one will compliment you because your hair is two inches shorter. They’ll compliment you because you have a great haircut that looks great on you.

That said, what I need to know is the plan. Are you going on a date and just need things cleaned up? Are you working toward a different style? Are you trying to get rid of those split ends (that’s a whole other discussion)? Does your hair feel too heavy and you think two inches will fix that? Will you regret not taking more off when you have to come back in a few weeks to do it again? Are you having trouble styling it?

This is why “just take two inches off” opens the chasm of misunderstanding between you and the person cutting your hair. I’m going to ask specific questions but not everyone does. If your hairdresser just lops off two inches of hair on command, you need a new hairdresser. It’s also why it is so important to collaborate with your stylist and make a plan. Be frank. If you only have 20 minutes in the morning so you always end up pulling into a ponytail because it’s fastest, then maybe it’s time to rethink the style. (You’re probably damaging your hair doing that, by the way.) Sure, we can take a bit off for now, but let’s chat and then think about it. Talk to your stylist about your hair and not about its inches.

If you are dead set on lopping two inches but don’t have a plan other than that, make a consultation appointment first. Consultations should always be free (go somewhere else if they aren’t). Stop thinking about inches. Focus on your hair’s health, the way it looks, the way it lays, the way you style it, the way you want it to be. Let your stylist help you decide how many inches that will take (or not). Sometimes more inches is better.

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