Three Things to Know About That Celebrity Haircut You Want

red carpetLet me be clear from the start: I want you to bring me that red carpet photo of the celebrity whose hairstyle you love and want. Bring multiple photos if you can. In fact, they don’t even have to be of the same celebrity or runway model. Do you like the bangs in one style but the color in another? Bring both photos and we’ll talk about creating what will work for your hair, your face and your lifestyle.

But first, keep these three things in mind:

1.  In every celebrity photo, a team of professionals stood around that famous head and styled the cut. They probably retouched it as the celeb climbed out of the limo and again before they hit the red carpet. I can give you the cut but if you want it to look like that, you’ll have to style it like that (fear not: I can teach you). These are not “wash and wear” haircuts and that is important to keep in mind.

2.  While we are on that subject, there is no such thing as a wash and wear haircut — at least one that looks good. Sorry to burst your bubble but it’s best that you learn to accept this now. While any haircut can be washed and left to dry on its own, you are going to have to put a little work into any cut for it to look its best. Not every cut takes a lot of work, for sure, but every cut will need a little attention to styling. The right products and the right training with you on how to do it go a long way toward making it easier for you. Let’s talk about the time and product investment you’ll have to make before we do that celeb haircut.

3.  You have to consider your hair’s issues when looking at a new cut. Everyone has them: a cowlick that won’t lay down no matter how much goop you put on it; the bizarre wave at the base of your neck; a natural part that fights with the part you’re trying to put in. Most of the photos people bring in don’t show a 360 degree view of the cut, so we sometimes have to speculate a bit on what it looks like from other angles and how that plays into your hair’s behavior. The two of us will take your particular issues and figure out how that cut will or will not work with them and make a plan.

So this brings us back those photos. I like them because it helps my clients more accurately describe what they have in mind. Many times, the proposed cut will look fantastic on my client and we go for it. Other times, we have to negotiate a modification that better suits your hair, your face, and the amount of time you have in the mornings to style it. In any case, having that photo as a starting point is very helpful as long as we both keep in mind that it is styled in the photo, it may not be effortless on your part to style, and it may need modification to fit your hair’s particular behavior patterns.

Booking a consultation is a great idea when you’re considering a new cut. Bring that photo in and we’ll discuss it. Consultations are always free. 

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