Don’t Suffer in Silence: How to Leave Your Hairdresser

This week’s post is a guest post. I hesitated letting my husband write about this topic because…well…my own clients read this blog. Why tell them how to leave me? Then, I realized I only want my clients to be happy and I work hard to make them happy. So, here it is: how to leave your hairdresser.


–by Robert Austin

When my husband, Kevin Borfitz, and I were first dating, I was incredibly embarrassed when he gave his business card to random women he’d just met. We hadn’t been dating long, so I hadn’t yet grasped the full extent of his amazing ability to talk to strangers. I also hadn’t yet realized just how much he loves being a stylist and being creative. To me, handing the card over said, “Your hair is awful and you should come see me right away.” I often wondered if these women felt as horrified as I did by the bold gesture. Continue reading