Three Things to Know About That Celebrity Haircut You Want

red carpetLet me be clear from the start: I want you to bring me that red carpet photo of the celebrity whose hairstyle you love and want. Bring multiple photos if you can. In fact, they don’t even have to be of the same celebrity or runway model. Do you like the bangs in one style but the color in another? Bring both photos and we’ll talk about creating what will work for your hair, your face and your lifestyle.

But first, keep these three things in mind: Continue reading

A Matter of Inches

“Just take two inches off”

Here’s where people begin to hate their haircut. Let’s talk about this.

V2HairDresserOneInchFirst, I’m a man — a gay man, but a man. We all know men and women don’t see inches the same way.

Second, an inch off your hair as it hangs in front looks very different than an inch taken when it’s pulled back. Continue reading